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...completely dismantled...
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11th-Oct-2008 06:47 pm - when we're old and grown
Zach Cartoon
Here are some videos that were taken at U.S. Royalty's show in Baltimore at the Metro Gallery.
I kinda love these boys.Collapse )

They released their first EP on itunes and amazon, its only $4 so buy it and support 4 of the best guys I've ever met. Also, they are doing their first headlining show at the Rock & Roll Hotel on Oct 18 @ 10pm, so if you're in the area GO!
11th-Sep-2006 12:50 am - order it now!
Zach Cartoon
18th-Apr-2005 11:06 pm - I'm gonna make this clear tonight..
Zach Cartoon
I think everyone should at least listen to these two songs. Do it as a favor to me, show me that you love me :)

15 Minutes Late
Brangelina love

I've decided to make my journal Friends Only..as if you couldn't tell;) I'm sure it won't effect anyone who isn't already on my friends list..and besides, no one reads this anyway. Just add a comment or IM me to be added
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